Finished Laid Solutions

Quiligotti Terrazzo is available as a Finished Laid option.

Offering a programme-friendly solution with quicker installation times and significant cost savings, Quiligotti Finished Laid Terrazzo is ideal for fast-track projects. Originally designed for mass transit areas, these innovative tiles can be laid outside trading hours and be ready for use within just 2 to 3 hours.

Tiles can be installed monolithically (wet-in-wet) on cement sand bed, adhesive fixed to pre-screeds or adhesive fixed directly onto a suitable sub-floor, subject to site tolerances.

The Finished Laid option eliminates the need for the conventional process of post-grinding on site and consequently the need for a curing period between flood grouting and grinding (typically 4 to 5 days depending on atmospheric conditions). If specified, tiles can also be factory sealed in a controlled environment, further reducing the number of site operations.

Finished Laid tiles can be calibrated to reduced thicknesses to accommodate minimum site zone depths and loading weights.

  • 297 x 297mm and 300 x 300mm tiles: from 28mm to 21mm.
  • 397 x 397mm and 400 x 400mm tiles: from 33mm to 23mm.
  • 497 x 497mm and 500 x 500mm tiles: from 38mm to 28mm.
  • 597 x 597mm tiles: from 42mm to 32mm.


Quiligotti Finished Laid Terrazzo tiles can be supplied in any pattern, shade or design. Call 0161 727 9798 to find out more.